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Engine & Exhaust Emissions Accessories

Catalytic stripper accessory for DMS500

The Catalytic Stripper Accessory is a fully integrated solution for the DMS500, removing volatile particles, and enabling the DMS500's use as a development tool for Euro 7.

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Dual sampling accessory for DMS500

The Dual Sampling Accessory for the DMS500 allows users to automatically switch between two sample locations for particulate measurement.

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In-line Filter Accessory

The In-line Filter Accessory for Cambustions HFR500, CLD500 and NDIR500 instruments uses a replaceable filter medium to remove the majority of the soot from the gas flow, without unduly affecting time response.

This offers the user reduced maintenance requirements, and can also reduce instrument drift during high soot conditions.

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In-cylinder Gas Measurements

All of the Cambustion fast response gas analyzers can be used with the Sampling Spark Plug accessory. This uses an offset spark plug with a threaded access port to allow the connection of a sampling line for gas extraction. A range of different reach, thread, seat configurations and temperature ratings are available.

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