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Cambustion FID600 sampling from vehicle engine bay

Engine & Exhaust Emissions Instrumentation

For over 30 years Cambustion has remained the recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of fast gas analyzers for engine emissions measurement. Widely adopted for engine calibration, after-treatment development and basic research, Cambustion's fast gas analyzers use standard detection techniques and patented sampling systems to deliver millisecond T10-90% time response.

The Cambustion DMS500 MkII offers simultaneous measurement of particle size distributions (5nm to 2500nm), particle mass (PM) and particle number (PN). Combined with the fastest time response (T10-90% 200ms, 10Hz data) and best sensitivity in class. DMS500s are widely used for gasoline and Diesel engine development, aerosol science and ambient aerosol monitoring.

Cambustion Engine & Exhaust Analyzer Range

Fast HC analyzers

Using a flame ionisation detector, Cambustion fast FIDs offer HC measurements at up to 1kHz, allowing proper resolution of short lived transients such as tip-ins, or even individual firing cycle events.

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Fast NOx analyzers

Using the industry standard chemiluminescence detection method, Cambustion fast CLD's allow NO, total NOx and NO2 (via LIF) measurements at up to 1kHz. This gives full resolution of short lived transients such as tip-ins or even individual firing cycle events.

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Fast CO & CO2 analyzer

Using a non-dispersive infra-red detector, Cambustion fast NDIR analysers offer CO&CO₂ measurements at up to 125Hz. This enables transient measurement of true combustion lambda (unaffected by excess hydrocarbons), EGR rate and more...

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Fast engine particulate analyzer

Updated to support development for possible Euro 7 standards,while offering supporting insights through measurement of particle size distribution to understand combustion processes, the DMS500 has long established itself as the particle instrument of choice for engine research, development and calibration.

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Particulate filter testing system

The Cambustion DPG is a standalone system for the testing of Diesel and Gasoline Particulate Filters. Supporting a variety of loading rates, regeneration, thermal shock tests and filter efficiency measurements, the DPG offers a highly effective solution for a wide range of DPF and GPF projects.

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Engine & Exhaust Analyzer Accessories

Complementary accessories for Cambustion exhaust gas instrumentation.

The Catalytic Stripper Accessory is a fully integrated solution for the DMS500, removing volatile particles, and enabling the DMS500's use as a development tool for Euro 7.

The Dual Sampling Accessory for the DMS500 allows users to automatically switch between two sample locations for particulate measurement.

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