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Cambustion FID600 with front panel open showing sample and HC modules

About Cambustion

Electric vehicle with power analyzer attached


Cambustion is an independent, privately owned company with headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

Founded in 1987 to develop scientific instrumentation, today the company has two groups, the Products group and the Powertrain Engineering Services group, both working with customers around the world.


Following initial success in development of fast response hydrocarbon measurement for combustion measurements, Cambustion's expertise in fast measurement was applied to NOx, CO&CO2, all with automotive applications.

In the 2000's, we developed our first particle measurement instrument, again for engine and aftertreatment development. This product had applications outside the automotive industry, and the insights and expertise gained led to a growing range of products with applications outside automotive.

Today Cambustion's products remain tools of choice for engine and combustion researchers, but the range also includes applications including medical device development, fire safety testing, drug delivery, ambient pollution monitoring, process control and more.

With a large R&D team, we both develop instruments from indigenous ideas and partner with others, often helping academic teams to develop their ideas into final instruments.

Cambustion CPMA with top removed, showing gear detail and centrifuge
Cambustion engineer monitoring engine dynamometer in test cell

Powertrain Engineering Services

Cambustion's Powertrain Engineering Services group has worked with customers around the world since 1991.

Our Cambridge, UK site provides a high specification powertrain development facility, including 8 transient engine dynamometers and 1 transient chassis dynamometer, together with extensive emissions measurement equipment and battery testing facilities.

Cambustion's expertise spans gasoline, Diesel, alternative fuels and electric powertrain.

Our Customers

Cambustion instrumentation is used globally, by a broad mixture of industry, government and academic customers.

With local representation in Austria, China, France, Germany, India and Japan, progressive development of our products coupled with attention to reliability and ease of operation have ensured widespread adoption of Cambustion's research grade equipment.

Cambustion's reputation for technical support is key to our continuing growth. Customers value our experience and assistance in assisting with design of their experiments and helping to interpret their data. Cambustion products offer unique insights and data.

Cambustion technician working on equipment for electric vehicle testing

Additional Information

  • News, Exhibitions and Conferences

    Cambustion and our agents/distributors attend a wide range of conferences around the world. Cambustion also sponsor the Cambridge Particle Meeting. For the latest company news, including which forthcoming events we are attending, see our Blog or our LinkedIn Feed.

  • Quality

    ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FS 73100.

    Ford Motor Company's Q1 Quality Standard (Engine Design & Development).

  • Operations and Environmental Policies

    We operate strictly within relevant legislation and regulations including environmental, health and safety, product and employment related legislation. All staff are encouraged to recommend or suggest improvements to these established practices my means of the reporting channels established within the quality manual. By following this policy the company seeks to achieve continual improvement in all key activities. It is our policy to periodically set and review operational objectives; this will allow us to monitor and improve our key activities.

    ISO 14001 certified by BSI under certificate number EMS 74721.

Registration Details

Company registration number: 2127427 (Cardiff 1987)

Registered Office:

J6 The Paddocks,
347 Cherry Hinton Road,
Cambridge CB1 8DH,
United Kingdom

VAT Number: GB864452018

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