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Cambustion DMS500 front panel with sample block

DMS500 Mk2 | Fast Aerosol Sizer

DMS500 Key Features

  • Measurement of aerosol size distributions between 5nm and 2.5μm for both solid particles and liquid droplets

  • The fastest time response available: 10 Hz data, 200ms T10-90% response

  • High sensitivity - suitable for ambient measurements

  • Integrated two stage dilution for high concentration measurements

Electrical Mobility Measurements

The DMS500 combines electrical mobility classification of particles with sensitive electrometer detectors, outputing particle size / number distributions in real-time.

With flexible sample handling options the DMS500 is ideally matched to a range of applications from ambient and process monitoring to direct measurements of high concentration sources such as combustion.

Fast Time Response for changing aerosols

Patented features of the DMS500 give it a T10-90% response of just 200ms; the fastest time response available in any ultrafine aerosol sizer.

This fast time response is especially applicable in resolving of fast changing phemomena, with applications including  drug delivery systems, tobacco smoke research, pyrotechnics and indoor air quality issues such as cooking, wood stoves and more.

Low Diffusion Losses

The DMS500 uses a high sample flow rate (8 litres per minute) and unique multiple sheath flows in the charger, resulting in low diffusion losses even of small particles smaller than 10nm.

No Radioactive Charger

The DMS500 uses a controlled corona charger - no radioactive sources are required. This makes the DMS500 easily transported to different laboratory, industrial or even domestic settings for measurements.

Traceable Calibration

Each DMS500 undergoes a traceable calibration procedure, involving real aerosols, taking full account of particle losses, and even different particle morphologies thus preventing the drop in accuracy at larger sizes seen in some other analyzers.

Traceable calibration certificates for spherical and agglomerate calibrations are provided.

An optional portable size check kit allows the user to check the sizing accuracy of the DMS500 on site, without the need for any other equipment.

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User Interface Software

The user interface includes full datalogging of measurements and operating parameters, and runs on a Windows PC. The software is supplied as standard with a multi user licence- no need to dedicate a particular PC.


The DMS500 offers users 4 analogue inputs and 4 analogue outputs. The analogue inputs allow monitoring of (for example) a sampling location which is being switched (multiplexed). The analogue outputs allow triggering of external devices such as cameras or other aerosol measurement instruments.

Data visualisation tools for MS Excel are included to assist in understanding the data from the DMS500.

Screenshot of DMS user interface software

Sample handling & conditioning options

The DMS500 may be ordered with an integrated two-stage diluter and heated sample line, allowing measurements from combustion exhaust with no additional equipment.

Scheduled Operation

Unattended operation in applications such as air quality monitoring is supported via scheduled operation; based either on fixed time intervals, or a more sophisticated user programme.

Key Application Notes

TitleData TypeDownload FileSizeLast Updated
TitleNumber : Size Spectrum Correlation with Particulate Mass MeasurementsData TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms01.pdfSize912.10 KBLast Updated
TitleWater pipe smokingData TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms22-water-pipe-smoking.pdfSize954.24 KBLast Updated
TitleNanoparticle emissions from cookingData TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms19v01-nanoparticle-emissions-from-cooking.pdfSize2.04 MBLast Updated

Support & downloads

DMS Diagnostic Tools

The DMS Diagnostic Tools are used for automated checks and troubleshooting.

DMS Series 64 Bit Excel Installer v7.49 (x64)

64 bit Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 are supported.

DMS Series 32 Bit Excel Installer v7.49 (x86)

32 bit Excel 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 are supported.

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