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Outdoor Air Quality

Emissions from vehicular sources and more specifically internal combustion engines represent a large proportion of pollutant emissions within the EU. In recent years, there has been a greater emphasis on reducing ambient pollutant levels in order to improve public health and reduce impact on climate change.

By utilising Cambustion's fast gas analyzers paired with ANPR cameras, local councils, enforcement agencies or research bodies are able to identify the various sources of emissions which contribute to poor local air quality. It is known that road-going gross emitting vehicles are responsible for the vast majority of inner city pollution, despite representing a small proportion of vehicles.

Identifying Gross Emitters

Furthermore, coupled with GPS and video recording, the use of the CLD50 allows the tailpipe emissions from an ICE or PHEV vehicle in normal operation to be monitored, and mapped spatially.

This can be used to understand both the performance of the vehicle and specific areas for improvement, and the opportunities to reduce both emissions and human exposure through intelligent road design.

Fast NOx Measurement from Road Vehicles

Road vehicles are not the only source of pollutant exposure: the CLD50 could be used to monitor emissions from Non-Road Mobile Machinery, such as trains, allowing for further considerations when planning infrastrucure.

Non-Road Emissions Applications

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