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Cambustion engineer looking at screen of test cell data

ECU & PCM Calibration Development

Cambustion's experience in emissions measurement has given us a deep understanding of the formation of engine–out emissions. Combined with a substantial knowledgebase in ECU software strategies and calibration tools, Cambustion offers an integrated emissions optimisation approach.

Our transient test–bed facilities allow rapid and accurate calibration development which can be transferred directly to vehicles without modification. Calibration robustness and the maturity of the system can then be assessed on our chassis rolls.

Examples of Cambustion's experience include:


  • Cold start optimisation (CSSR, catalyst light-off, secondary air)
  • Pre and post catalyst lambda control
  • Exhaust gas ignition
  • Transient fuelling
  • NOx trap management (NOx and de-SOx regeneration strategies)


  • Particulate filter management (regeneration strategy, system configuration)
  • NOx trap management (NOx and de-SOx regeneration strategies)
Emissions monitoring software
Engine map

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