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Engineer working on test cell analyzers

Example Projects

Cambustion’s Engineering Services team provides engine and emissions development services to a range of global clients from our Cambridge, UK base. With over two decades experience in the sector, we use our vehicle and engine dynamometers, combined with the latest emissions monitoring equipment on a variety of customer projects.

Electric vehicle on car lift
Cambustion engineer working under vehicle on chassis dynamometer

    DPF Testing

    In addition to our engine and vehicle dynamometer facilities, Cambustion offer a unique non-engine DPF testing and characterisation service, using the DPF Testing System.

    The automated system is capable of performing a range of tests.

    The DPG includ...

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    ECU & PCM Calibration Development

    Cambustion's experience in emissions measurement has given us a deep understanding of the formation of engine–out emissions. Combined with a substantial knowledgebase in ECU software strategies and calibration tools, Cambustion offers an integrate...

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    Control Systems Development

    Tougher emissions legislation and increasingly sophisticated engine management combined with shorter development times necessitate smarter and more efficient control systems to assist the engineer. Cambustion has proven experience in developing ad...

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