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Use of the HFR500 fast FID for cold start gasoline calibration Application note PDF icon Application of HFR500 to cold start gasoline calibration.pdf 4.5 MB 14-Jun-2011
Sampling spark plug configuration for in cylinder sampling Diagram Image icon cams-gradient fill small.jpg 27.21 KB 19-Aug-2009
Flame Traverse Sampling Application note PDF icon CLD06v01 Fast gas analysis traversing a methane flame.pdf 607.88 KB 22-Sep-2015
Cold start PFI gasoline (animation) Sample data File Cold start FID animation.exe 986.59 KB 15-Apr-2010
Cold start gasoline HC, CO and CO2 Sample data PDF icon coldstartcoco2andhc.pdf 166.03 KB 18-Aug-2009
Exhaust valve leakage Sample data PDF icon exhaustleak.pdf 49.8 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 100-205s - catalyst light off and HC fluctuation smoothing Sample data PDF icon ftp 100-205 secs (fid).pdf 152.33 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle 200-305s - lambda cycling shown by fast HC Sample data PDF icon ftp 200-305 secs (fid).pdf 114.96 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle 300-405s - effect of decel fuel shut off and acceleration transients on HC Sample data PDF icon ftp 300-405 secs (fid).pdf 91.67 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle 400-505s - HC emissions Sample data PDF icon ftp 400-505 secs (fid).pdf 96.44 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle start - 105s - HC emissions Sample data PDF icon ftp-0-105s(fid).pdf 118.82 KB 19-Aug-2009
Intake port fuel puddle dynamics Sample data PDF icon fuel puddle.pdf 67.27 KB 19-Aug-2009
In cylinder sampling of GDI engine Sample data File GDI FID animation.exe 442.96 KB 29-Apr-2010
FTP cycle over 505s - HC emissions Sample data PDF icon hc catalyst explanation.pdf 114.81 KB 19-Aug-2009
Decel fuel spiking causing catalyst damage Sample data PDF icon hc decel fuel shutoff.pdf 77.62 KB 19-Aug-2009
Cold start PFI gasoline HC emissions Application note PDF icon hfr01v02 si cold start.pdf 77.14 KB 18-Aug-2009
High rpm fuelling control Application note PDF icon hfr02v01 high rpm.pdf 149.57 KB 19-Aug-2009
HC emissions from a diesel-engined passenger vehicle Application note PDF icon HFR05v01 Diesel.pdf 288.67 KB 24-Feb-2015
Suitability of HFR500 for ethanol measurements Application note PDF icon hfr06v01 ethanol.pdf 13.2 KB 19-Aug-2009
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) HC emissions Application note PDF icon HFR07v01 GDI HC emissions.pdf 128.38 KB 24-Feb-2015
Intake manifold measurement of “found fuel” PDF icon HFR08v01 intake sampling.pdf 547.89 KB 02-Feb-2015
Combustion instability detection during catalyst heating phase of GDI cold start Application note PDF icon HFR09v01 GDI cold start catalyst heating strategy combustion instability.pdf 543.55 KB 24-Aug-2016
Cycle-by-cycle AFR measurement of a cold start using an NDIR500 and HFR500 Application note PDF icon NDIR03v02 AFR measurement.pdf 442.5 KB 24-Feb-2015
Two stroke short circuiting Sample data PDF icon two-stroke exhaust [hc].pdf 55.77 KB 19-Aug-2009