Title Data type Download File Size Last updated
Use of the HFR500 fast FID for cold start gasoline calibration Application note PDF icon Application of HFR500 to cold start gasoline calibration.pdf 4.5 MB 14-Jun-2011
Measurement of DPF/CRT performance with DMS500 Application note PDF icon dms05v02.pdf 1.2 MB 24-Feb-2015
Combustion instability detection during catalyst heating phase of GDI cold start Application note PDF icon HFR09v01 GDI cold start catalyst heating strategy combustion instability.pdf 543.55 KB 24-Aug-2016
Transient NOx measurements from motorcycle real world driving Application note PDF icon CLD10v02 Motorcycle RDE transient NOx emissions.pdf 414.09 KB 01-Apr-2019
Mobile CO&CO2 measurement on-board a gasoline vehicle PDF icon NDIR10v01 Mobile CO&CO2 gasoline.pdf 275.97 KB 14-May-2015
Tailpipe CO and CO2 at 2000rpm Sample data File cat.tif 215.2 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 100-205s - catalyst light off and HC fluctuation smoothing Sample data PDF icon ftp 100-205 secs (fid).pdf 152.33 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle start-105s - catalyst NO lightoff Sample data PDF icon ftp-0-105s(cld).pdf 128.62 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 200-305s - effect of lambda fluctuations on NO Sample data PDF icon 200-305(cld).pdf 105.68 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 100-205s - catalyst NO conversion efficiency Sample data PDF icon 100-205(cld).pdf 67.33 KB 19-Aug-2009