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Cambustion engineer connecting CVS system to tailpipe

Aftertreatment system development & evaluation

Cambustion Engineering Services are specialists in emissions problem solving. With over 15 years experience in emissions measurement, Cambustion has an extensive knowledgebase in after–treatment evaluation and design to help meet current and future emission legislation.

Emissions issues can be identified and resolved quickly through the use of Cambustion fast analysers. This allows the optimisation of emissions performance and cost reduction, whilst avoiding a negative impact on fuel economy and driveability.

We have experience in both diesel and gasoline after-treatment technologies:

3–Way Catalysts

  • Cold start
  • Lambda scanning
  • Oxygen storage capacity
  • Lambda sensor positioning
  • Exhaust gas ignition (EGI)
  • Poisoning Mechanisms

NOx Traps

  • Purge slip and profiling

Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

  • HC storage
  • Sulphate formation

Diesel Particulate Filters

  • Regeneration performance
  • Filtration efficiency
  • Maximum soot loading

Thermal Management

  • E.g. rapid light–off using passive and active techniques
  • Modelling

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