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CLD50 for Ambient Roadside Monitoring

Air Quality Consultancy

By using our latest instruments and calling on 30 years of experience in automotive emissions, we are able to provide a service consulting on local air quality issues. The instruments we use showcase our unique ability to measure combustion source gases with a higher fidelity than available elsewhere. Response times in the order of 100 milliseconds paired with 5ppb sensitivity (for NO) allow identification of individual passing vehicle emissions from the roadside, spatially revolved mobile emissions and surveying of local road networks. Our primary expertise is in emissions from vehicular sources.

Speed Bump Map

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) & Low Emission Zones (LEZ)

The introduction of these zones can help reduce the NOx in general, but there can be stubborn sites where little improvement is measured. Using fast response instruments, we are able to ascertain which vehicles and road conditions instigate high tailpipe concentrations.

CAZ & LEZ Analysis

Fleet Vehicle Assessment

Using fast real drive emissions (RDE) measurement equipment, we are able to provide emission contribution from company or council fleets.

Emissions Analysis


Roughly 90% of inner city pollution is caused by 10% of vehicles; our analyzers have the capability to help identify vehicles with aftertreatment defeat devices or SCR emulators.

Identifying Gross Emitters

Pedestrian and Cyclist Exposure to NOx Pollution

The portability of Cambustion’s fast response analyzers allows for the equipment to be deployed in such a way that mimics a pedestrian or cyclist.

NOx Pollution Exposure

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