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Smoking & vaping

Cambustion offer a range of products, including smoking & vaping machines, gas analysers, particle size analysers, and material collection techniques.

With applications in product development, quality control and regulatory assessment, Cambustion's extensive experience and flexible instrumentation can support your needs.


Cambustion's SCS is used to reproduce both standard (e.g. ISO3308, Health Canada Intense) and user defined smoking profiles for testing tobacco and cannabis in combustible form, ideal for both fundamental research in R&D and quality control issues in production.

Shisha / water / hookah pipes:

Another application of the SCS to combustibles is the testing of shisha / water / hookah pipes, where the products of combstion first pass through a water filled chamber. Both the total volume and flow rates required are higher; an SCS variant allows reproduction of both ISO 22486 and user defined puff profiles with representative flow rates.

Heat not burn:

Heat not burn (HNB) is a newer technology, where products that would traditionally be burnt are instead heated electrically to a lower temperature, releasing vapours without combustion. Examples include Heated Tobacco Products (HTP) and cannabis dry herb vaporisers.

Development of a commercial heat not burn device requires that the developer optimise heater control for a wide variety of challenges, including user behaviour, battery state of charge, ambient temperature and more.

The SCS supports reproducible puffing, with the ability to create user defined puff profiles, while an API supports rapid hardware in the loop development.

An SCS HNB accessory allows the testing of small quantities of loose material, loaded into a sample tube. The SCS provides the flow according to the defined profile, which the user also defines the time/temperature profile for the material under test. Maximum temperatures up to 350 degrees Celcius are supported, with the possibility of rapid heating and cooling allowing high throughput. Aerosol and gases produced during testing may be collected for analysis with a variety of techniques, and the accessory can also provide aerosol for analysis.

E-cigs and vapes:

E-cigs and vapes use an electrical heater to vaporise a volatile liquid, which then condenses to form an aerosol. The performance of these devices requires careful optimisation, as wick saturation, oil viscosity, ambient temperature and battery state of charge must all be accounted for.

The SCS supports accurate puffing of both standards such as ISO20768, and other user defined / real world profiles, and an API supports rapid hardware in the loop development.

Accessories such as user thermocouples allow measurement of coil & wick or aerosol temperatures during vaping

Gas and aerosol analysers:

Cambustion offer a range of gas analysers for carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide and nitrogen dioxide, and a particle sizing instrument to measure aerosol particle size distributions, which can be combined with the SCS.

By leveraging the SCS's design, the analysers can even offer real-time and puff by puff gas and aerosol measurements for all the above applications, without the averaging inherent in bag sampling methods.

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