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Air Quality

Governing bodies have imposed increasingly stringent air quality targets for inner city spaces leading to a greater focus on and public health effects of gaseous pollutants and particulates. With this comes a necessity to improve the understanding of real world human exposure to such pollutants in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Vehicular sources alone are not the sole contributor to poor air quality; common tasks such as cooking over a frying pan or lighting a wood stove can lead to poor air quality within an enclosed space. For more information about the services and instruments offered in this space, please follow the link below.

Indoor Air Quality Applications

Recent improvements have led to the 50-series of analyzers, combining the ultra-fast response times of the 500-series with enhanced levels of sensitivity. This has allowed investigations into the real emissions exposure from vehicles and other sources from the roadside on a breath-by-breath basis. Sub second spikes of pollutants are common, yet rarely accounted for when determining human exposure.

Additionally, a fast response analyzer opens up possibilities for identifying gross emitters within regular traffic; this information can be used to guide enforcement bodies and local air quality teams on how to further reduce air pollution by targeting significant contributors.

Outdoor Air Quality Applications

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