Transient Engine Dynamometers

Cambustion currently has eight transient test–beds with varying specifications:

  • Power up to 460kW
  • Torque up to 1,300Nm
  • Speed up to 9000RPM
  • CVS tunnels for emissions
  • Ambient temperature down to -20°C

Our rapid cooldown facility allows improved testing efficiency, while the pallet system allows the engine to be mounted and tested before installation in the test cell for reduced downtime.

Chassis Dynamometer

Vehicle on chassis dynamometer for emissions testing
Cambustion's 100kW 48inch emissions chassis roll dynamometer with robot driver and integrated pre–conditioning facility allows testing of complete vehicles against a range of transient drive cycles.

Rapid cool down of vehicles allows improved testing throughput.


Gas Analysers


  • Gravimetric filter paper measurements (2 phases per cycle)
  • Solid particle number counting system (PMP type)
  • Cambustion DMS500 Fast Particulate Analyzer
  • AVL opacimeter

Combustion Analysis

  • Wide range of in-cylinder pressure sensors
  • Combustion analysis for IMEP, burn rates and knock detection

Pressure and Temperature

  • Pressure: 4 per test-bed (standard)
  • Temperature: 8, 16 or 32 channels per test-bed. Higher channel counts are possible

DPF Testing System

Diesel Particulate Filters
Cambustion offer additional DPF testing and development services using the non-engine Cambustion DPF Testing System
  • DPF loading at up to 20g/hr
  • Filter efficiency measurement
  • DPF regeneration
  • Advanced tests- e.g. Soot Mass Limit
  • Cold flow testing
  • Diesel fuelled

DPF Testing system