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Cambustion is an independent, privately owned company with headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

The company was founded in 1987 by a research group at Cambridge University Engineering Department, to produce a fast response Flame Ionisation Detector for hydrocarbon measurement. This analyzer had immediate applications in engine and catalyst development and found users at OEMs and universities, since the rapid time response allowed new insights into engine behavior.

Today the company has two groups, the Products group and the Engineering Services group.

Following early development of the fast response FID, subsequent revisions and updates produced a modern gas analyzer with computer control, widening the instrument's applications to standard test cell projects. Cambustion have applied the expertise and techniques developed with the HFR500 fast FID to the measurement of NOx and CO&CO2 with the CLD500 and NDIR500 respectively.

Cambustion analyzers are now in daily use at engine test and development facilities around the world, having proved themselves as vital tools during both routine engine calibration and more advanced R&D work. The (incomplete) list of work published with Cambustion analyzers gives an overview of the breadth and scale of their application.

In 2002 Cambustion launched the DMS500 fast particulate spectrometer. Originally developed to measure the particulate size spectrum in Diesel exhaust, subsequent enhancements have added the ability to measure total particle mass and total particle number, in line with current and future legislation. A process of continuing development has widened the DMS500's engine applications to Gasoline Direct Injection developments and Diesel Particulate Filter studies.

The DMS500 has also found uses in aerosol science, where it can replace older scanning equipment. The Smoking Cycle Simulator was developed as an accessory to the DMS500, allowing the system to measure aerosol size spectra and other parameters, while reproducing realistic smoking flow profiles.

The DPG is a complete system for the testing of Diesel Particulate Filters. The DPG offers vehicle and after-treatment manufacturers improved quality control processes for their DPFs, by facilitating DPF testing without an engine.

The Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer, launched in 2012, offers the ability to classify aerosol particles directly by mass, with applications including engine exhaust studies, engineered nanoparticles and ambient aerosol science.

With a large R&D team, Cambustion continue to innovate and develop new equipment / techniques, with applications ranging from automotive development to scientific research.

Cambustion engine test cell

Cambustion's Engineering Services group has worked with customers around the world since 1991.

Our Cambridge, UK site provides a high specification emissions development facility, including 5 transient engine dynamometers and 1 transient chassis dynamometer, together with extensive emissions measurement equipment, from manufacturers such as Horiba, MKS and Cambustion's Products Group.

Cambustion's expertise spans gasoline, Diesel and alternative fuels, and includes a wide range of after-treatment techniques.

Cambustion products are used daily around the world by the majority of major vehicle and after-treatment OEMS. With local representation in China, France, India, Japan and the USA, progressive development of our products coupled with attention to reliability and ease of operation has allowed Cambustion's research quality equipment to become mainstream.

Cambustion's reputation for technical support is key to our continuing growth. Customers value our experience and assistance in interpreting their data- Cambustion products reveal features of engine operation which can't be seen with conventional analyzers.

We can often put prospective purchasers of Cambustion products in touch with an existing Cambustion customer inside their organisation, to offer an appraisal of the value of our support and the quality of our products.

News, Exhibitions and Conferences

Cambustion and our agents/distributors attend a wide range of conferences around the world. Cambustion also sponsor the Cambridge Particle Meeting. For the latest company news, including which forthcoming events we are attending, see our LinkedIn Feed.


ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FS 73100.

Ford Motor Company's Q1 Quality Standard (Engine Design & Development).

‘ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FS 73100

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  • Company registration number: 2127427 (Cardiff 1987)
  • Registered office: J6 The Paddocks, 347 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 8DH, United Kingdom
  • VAT number: GB864452018

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ISO 14001 certified by BSI under certificate number EMS 74721.

ISO 14001 certified by BSI under certificate number EMS 74721

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