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Experimentation and Modeling of the Effects of Along-Wind Dispersion on Cloud Characteristics of Finite-Duration Contaminant Releases in the Atmosphere
Jessica M. Morris
University of Arkansas
Evaluation of fast atmospheric dispersion models in a regular street network
Denise Hertwig
University of Reading
Lionel Soulhac
École Centrale de Lyon
Vladimír Fuka
University of Southampton
Torsten Auerswald
University of Reading
Matteo Carpentieri
University of Surrey
Paul Hayden
University of Surrey, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, UK
Alan Robins
University of Surrey
Zheng-Tong Xie
University of Southampton
Omduth Coceal
University of Reading, National Centre for Atmospheric Science UK
CFD simulations of near-field pollutant dispersion with different plume buoyancies
Yoshihide Tominaga
Niigata Institute of Technology
Ted Stathopoulos
Concordia University
Evaluation of a new method for puff arrival time as assessed through wind tunnel modelling
Hana Chaloupecká
Czech Academy of Sciences, Charles University in Prague
Zbyněk Jaňour
Czech Academy of Sciences
Jiří Mikšovský
Charles University in Prague
Klára Jurčáková
Czech Academy of Sciences
Radka Kellnerová
Czech Academy of Sciences
Impact of roof height non-uniformity on pollutant transport between a street canyon and intersections
Štěpán Noseka
Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR
Libor Kukačkab
Charles University in Prague
Klára Jurčákováa
Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR
Radka Kellnerováa
Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR
Zbyněk Jaňoura
Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR
Air pollutant dispersion around high-rise buildings under different angles of wind incidence
Y. Yu
Beijing Institute of Technology
K.C.S. Kwok
Western Sydney University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
X.P. Liu
Hefei University of Technology
Y. Zhang
Tsinghua University
Effect of subsurface soil moisture variability and atmospheric conditions on methane gas migration in shallow subsurface
T.K.K. Chamindu Deepagoda
University of Peradeniya
Kathleen M. Smits
Colorado School of Mines
Curtis M. Oldenburg
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Wind tunnel study of odor impact and air ventilation assessments for relocating sewage treatment works to caverns
Z.R Shu
City University of Hong Kong
Y.C He
City University of Hong Kong
Q.S. Li
City University of Hong Kong
Sudden releases of gases

Hana Chaloupecka, Zbynek Janour, Klara Jurcakova, Libor Kukaaka and Stepan Nosek

Statistical properties of concentration fluctuations in two merging plumes

D. Contini, A. G. Robins, P. Hayden

Volumetric mass transfer coefficients characterising VOC absorption in water/silicone oil mixtures

E. Dumont, G. Darracq, A. Couvert, C. Couriol, A. Amrane, D. Thomas, Y. Andrès, P. Le Cloirec

Wind tunnel measurements for dispersion modelling of vehicle wakes

Matteo Carpentieri, Prashant Kumar, Alan Robins

Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds and regeneration of active carbon

Shivaji Ganesan Ramalingam

Styrene absorption in water/silicone oil mixtures

E. Dumont,Y. Andrès

Different families of Volatile Organic Compounds pollution control by microporous carbons in Temperature Swing Adsorption processes

Shivaji. G. Ramalingam, Pascaline Pre, Sylvain Giraudet, Laurence Le Coq, Pierre Le Cloirec, Olivier Baudouin, Stephane Dechelotte

An inverse method for determining source characteristics for emergency response applications

A. C. Rudd, A. G. Robins, J. J. Lepley, and S. E. Belcher

Wind Tunnel Measurement of Turbulent and Advective Scalar Fluxes: A Case Study on Intersection Ventilation

Libor Kukacka, Stepan Nosek, Radka Kellnerova, Klara Jurcakova, Zbynek Janour

Analysis of concentration fluctuations in gas dispersion around high-rise building for different incident wind directions.
Liu, XP
University of Science and Technology of China
Niu, JL
University of Science and Technology of China
Kwok, KC
University of Science and Technology of China
Local characteristics of cross-unit contamination around high-rise building due to wind effect: Mean concentration and infection risk assessment
X.P. Liu
University of Science and Technology of China
J.L. Niu
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
K.C.S. Kwok
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
J.H. Wang
Chongqing University
B.Z. Li
Chongqing University
Biotreatments of odours: control and performances of a biotilter and a bioscrubber

PLCP Humaau, EM Ramirez-Lopez