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NOx Estimation in Diesel Engines via In-Cylinder Pressure Measurement

Corno, M.; Waschl, H.; Alberer, D.; Savaresi, S.M.

Effect of Partial-Heating of the Intake Port on the Mixture Preparation and Combustion of the First Cranking Cycle during the Cold-Start stage of Port Fuel Injection Engine

Tao Li, Kangyao, Haiyong Peng, Chongmin Wu

Cycle-resolved measurements of in-cylinder constituents during diesel engine transients and insight into their impact on emissions

J R Hagena, D N Assanis, Z S Filipi

Instantaneous In-Cylinder Hydrocarbon Concentration Measurement during the Post-Flame Period in an SI Engine

Uni. Of Toronto

Novel Experiment on In-Cylinder Desorption of Fuel from the Oil Layer


In-Cylinder Measurements of Residual Gas Concentration in a Spark Ignition Engine

M.I.T. and Collings, N.

Modelling the transit time of a fast FID during in-cylinder sampling

Cambridge Univ. Engineering Dept.

In-Cylinder HC Measurements with a Piston- Mounted FID

Dr M Peckham, Dr N Collings

Real Time In-Cylinder and Exhaust NO Measurements in a Production SI Engine

Cambustion Ltd. & Cambridge Univ. Engineering Dept.

Characteristics of Mixture Formation in a Direct Injection SI Engine with Optimised In-cylinder Swirl Air Motion

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

In-cylinder mixture excursions in a port injected engine during fast throttle-openings

Brunel Univ.