This variant of the fast response FID is designed for wind tunnel and atmospheric dispersion applications.

The HFR400 provides two channels of hydrocarbon concentration measurement, using the Flame Ionization Principle. Due to the fast response of the Cambustion FID system, the HFR400 is regularly applied to situations where the hydrocarbon concentration is rapidly changing, for example when using hydrocarbons as tracer gas in wind tunnel or atmospheric dispersion studies.

The HFR500 is more suitable for applications where the pressure and temperature of the sample may be varying (e.g. engine exhaust sampling).

In a typical set-up is the sample heads are mounted outside the wind tunnel and the narrow stainless steel capillaries are positioned near the obstacle array within the wind tunnel. Capillary lengths can be anything up to 1 metre but longer capillaries will produce slower response times.

A short brochure with specifications is here.

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