New in 2020 is the FID50 “entry level” fast FID designed for both engine and non-engine applications where a 10 ms T10-90 response time is sufficient.

The design differs from the other Cambustion fast gas analyzers in two significant ways:

  1. It is a single channel analyzer
  2. Its detector is housed within a small control box with a heated or unheated sample line delivering the gas from the sample point

Typically, the sample line length is 3 metres and with the option of sample filtration where contaminated sample may deposit within the control box.

Like our other fast FIDs, the detection method is still using the trusted FID principle.

Typical applications include pre- or post-catalyst engine exhaust THC measurement, rapid leak detection from HC gas-carrying pipelines, mobile THC measurement, wind tunnel measurement of HC tracer gas mixing & dispersion, feedback control of biogas production and other process control applications.

Comparison of FID50 vs Conventional Analyser Cold Start Engine Data

FID600 engine data

Wind Tunnel Example Data

FID600 wind tunnel experiment
FID600 wind tunnel data

Contact Cambustion for application advice, prices and available configurations.

For ultra-fast applications requiring millisecond response or where the sample pressure is not close to atmospheric pressure (e.g. pre-turbocharger exhaust sampling), see our other fast FID products: FID600 and HFR500.