Smoking Machines

Researcher lighting cigarette fitted to Cambustion Smoking Cycle Simulator
Smoking machines have been available for research and legislative requirements for many years. Traditionally these have used positive displacement techniques, where accurate control of the displacer allows precise measurement of flow rate. These machines (made by companies such as Borgwaldt and Cerulean) often allow the smoking of many cigarettes in parallel.

Cambustion SCS

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Tobacco Products:

The SCS measures the flow through the cigarette in real-time, flexibly reproducing a variety of smoking regimes and topographies including human smoking topography.

The SCS can deliver higher flows for use with water / shisha / hookah pipes.

The SCS is fully compatible with novel technologies such as heat not burn, where flexibility regarding resistance to draw and smoking profiles allows full characterisation of product performance.

Access to mainstream or sidestream smoke for chemical analysis, e.g. GC-MS or HPLC.

When used with the DMS500 it allows real-time measurement of the particle size distribution during a pre-programmed puff profile.

Electronic Cigarettes

The SCS is also used as a vaping machine to study electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), where its flexible vaping capability allows investigation of both performance of e-cigarettes under standard regimes and the reproduction of real world vaping profiles.

The SCS is capable of prolonged continuous operation, simplifying study of e-cigarette performance variations due to battery/liquid levels.

The SCS can be supplied with a fully programmable actuator, which allows control of manually triggered e-cigarettes in a repeatable manner and testing in accordance with the requirements of ISO 20768.


The legalisation of cannabis use in some countries has led to the need for smoking cannabis products in a controlled manner, to allow analysis of cannabinioid content (including THC). This applies to both vaporisers (e-cig type devices) and conventional smoking of cannabis leaf.

The SCS allows controlled smoking of both kinds of devices, while providing smoke for analysis techniques such as GC-MS and HPLC to establish cannabinoid content.

Collection of gas and aerosol is possible with techniques such as cold traps, liquid impingers or quartz filter papers for solvent extraction.

Further Information

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