Fast Engine Exhaust Gas Analyzers

NDIR500 fast CO&CO2 analyzer with vehicle
Widely adopted for engine calibration, after-treatment development and basic research, Cambustion's fast gas analyzers use standard detection techniques and patented sampling systems to deliver millisecond T10-90% time response.

The FID600 and HFR500 for HC measurement plus the new lower cost FID50.

The CLD500 for NO measurement, with optional NOx converter.

The NDIR500 for simultaneous CO and CO2 measurement.

The fast analyzers can also be used for on-board vehicle RDE measurements.

See here for a 3 minute video (via YouTube) explaining how Cambustion fast gas and particulate analyzers are useful for transient emissions testing.

Particulate & Aerosol Measurement

DMS500 fast particulate sizer with heated sampling line

The Cambustion DMS500 MkII offers simultaneous measurement of particle size distributions (5nm to 2500nm), particle mass (PM) and particle number (PN). Combined with the fastest time response (T10-90% 200ms, 10Hz data) and best sensitivity in class. DMS500s are widely used for gasoline and Diesel engine development, aerosol science and ambient aerosol monitoring.

The Dual Sampling Accessory for the DMS500 allows users to automatically switch between two sample locations for particulate measurement.

The Catalytic Stripper Accessory is a fully integrated solution for removing volatile particles from the DMS500 sample.

Diesel Particulate Filter Testing System

DPF/GPF testing system
The Cambustion DPG is a complete system for the testing of Diesel and Gasoline Particulate Filters.

Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier

Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier
The Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier embodies a novel technique for classification of ultrafine aerosol particles according only to their aerodynamic diameter. This removes issues associated with charging that can complicate measurements, such as electrical mobility.

Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer

SCS Smoking Machine

Smoking machine
The SCS is a standalone smoking and vaping machine, compatible with both combustible and electronic cigarettes and capable of reproducing standard and custom smoking regimes. The SCS can provide smoke to a variety of measurement equipment such as GC-MS, HPLC and more.