Unipolar Corona Diffusion Charger for aerosols

Established in the marketplace, the Cambustion Unipolar Diffusion Aerosol Charger is a standalone product which places a high level of electrical charge on an aerosol. The UDAC is derived from the well established technology contained in Cambustion's DMS500, which was launched in 2002.

Second Generation UDAC

The UDAC uses a corona charger, which allows aerosols to be charged to a much higher degree than is possible with other techniques such as radioactive or x-ray bipolar equilibrium charging.

The launch of the second generation UDAC in 2020 adds selectable polarity as standard, together with reduced weight and size.

Cambustion Unipolar Diffusion Aerosol Charger

The touchscreen interface and automatic computer control of relevant parameters, coupled with integrated diagnostic and warning capability make the UDAC a convenient building block in aerosol science experiments.

Use of multiple sheath flows of HEPA filtered air minimise particle losses inside the system.


A key application for the UDAC allows the generation of an aerosol of known mass concentration, for use as an aerosol mass calibration standard.

Aerosol Flow Meter Accessory

Aerosol Flow Meter for CPMA

Cambustion also offers an aerosol flow meter accessory for the UDAC. This offers realtime measurement of the aerosol flow (via orifice delta P) and interfaces with the UDAC for power and data output.

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