Service Returns Shipping Advice

This page offers advice for customers sending part or all of a Cambustion product for repair / service and calibration at Cambustion, Cambridge, UK.

Do not send equipment without prior agreement with Cambustion to ensure that products can be serviced in a timely manner.

When arranging shipping, ensure that it is on a "door to door" service- i.e. the shipment is arranged and paid for all the way to Cambustion (not simply to a London UK airport).

Send goods on a "Delivered at Place" (DAP) service (to ensure that Cambustion are contacted for customs clearance instructions to avoid unnecessary taxes and duties coming into the UK.)

Please refer to the product specific information below to assist you with shipping.

Download an editable Microsoft Word form to help you in preparing a customs invoice when shipping internationally. A copy of this invoice should be included in the shipping documents on the outside of the box for customs- you are advised to retain a copy in case of questions.


Annual calibration of the DMS500 system is recommended. A typical DMS500 system comprises the following components:

Main DMS500 control unit
This must be returned for service and calibration in the original packaging.
Take care to fit the two locking bolts before packing (refer to manual for instructions)
Vacuum Pump
Do NOT return for service.
Heated Sample Line
If you have ordered the Heated Sample Line service (replacement sample tube and cleaning) return the Heated Sample Line.
Note that there is not generally enough room within the main DMS500 crate to allow the HSL to be shipped without damage to itself or the DMS500 and the line should be shipped in a separate box.
Do NOT return the PC. New software (containing the calibration) will be provided on CD for installation by the customer.

Download an an editable Microsoft Word form to help you with arranging shipping.