Cambustion Fast Response Gas Analyzers

Cambustion HFR500 sample line with in-line filter fitted

To achieve a fast T10-90% time response, Cambustion gas analyzers necessarily contain narrow diameter tubes which require periodic cleaning due to soot accumulation.

Under most conditions, cleaning intervals are sufficiently long that this cleaning process can be performed at the same time as other routine maintenance. However, when sampling very sooty gas, such as from an engine with a preliminary calibration, or when operating for prolonged periods at unusually sooty engine conditions, the Cambustion analyzer may require cleaning more frequently than is ideal.

In-Line Filter Accessory

Filter elements

The In-line Filter Accessory uses a replaceable filter medium to remove the majority of the soot from the gas flow, without unduly affecting time response.

This offers the user reduced maintenance requirements, and can also reduce instrument drift during high soot conditions.

In-line filters can be fitted to the Cambustion HFR500, CLD500 and NDIR500, and the filter can be swiftly removed if desired.

The filter uses a replaceable element to perform the filtration, allowing simple replacement rather than cleaning of the filter element.

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