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Measurement of the effects of the exhaust gas recirculation delay on the nitrogen oxide emissions within a turbocharged passenger car diesel engine

M S Peckham, B W Campbell, and A Finch

Study of Particle Number Emissions from a Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engine Including Data from a Fast-Response Particle Size Spectrometer

Mark Peckham, Alex Finch, Bruce Campbell, Phil Price, Marcus Davies

Analysis of Transient HC, CO, NOx and CO2 Emissions from a GDI Engine using Fast Response Gas Analyzers

Mark Peckham, Alex Finch, Bruce Campbell

Pressure drop characteristics of soot generated by a DPG and a Euro IV, 2 litre diesel engine

Greg Inman, Andrew Todd, Kingsley Reavell, Tim Hands

Density of Particles Emitted from a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine (Poster)


Automated Repeatable DPF Testing with the Cambustion DPG


Achieving EURO-III and EURO-IV with Ultra-Low Precious Metal Loadings

Harold Rabinowitz, Stephan Siemund, Terry Collin, Bruce Campbell

The Analysis of Gasoline Transient Emissions Behaviour Using Fast Response Gas Analysers


Transient Gaseous and Particulate Emissions Measurement on a Diesel Passenger Car including a DPF Regeneration Event


The Effects of Aging Temperature and PGM Loading on the NOx Storage Capacity of a Lean NOx Trap

Joseph R. Theis, Justin A. Ura, Christian T. Goralski, Jon Caine, Marcus Davies, Duncan Kay, Andrew Todd, Steve Dinsdale

The Effect of Different Ageing Conditions on Spatial Variations in Emissions across the Radius of a Close-coupled Aftertreatment System

Ford Motor Company and Cambustion

Measurement of Gasoline Exhaust Hydrogen Emissions

Ford Motor Co, Cambustion and Cambridge University Engineering Dept

Effect of Catalyst Inlet Cone Flow Mal-Distribution on Emissions Performance of a Close-Coupled Catalytic Convertor

Cambustion Limited and Ford Motor Company

Emissions Implications of a Twin Close-Coupled Catalyst System Designed for Improved Engine Performance on An In- Line, 4-Cylinder Engine

Ford Motor Company, Engelhard Corp, Cambustion Ltd

Improved Three-Way Catalyst Performance Using an Active Bias Control Regeneration System

Cambustion and Ford Motor Company

Intake Port Phenomena in a Spark Ignition Engine at Part Load

M.I.T., Renault, Dr N Collings

Origin of the Response of Electrostatic Particle Probes

Kittelson, D.B., Collings, N.

A Comparison of Simple Models of Turbulent Droplet Diffusion Suitable for Use in Computations of Spray Flames

Ward, P.W., Collings, N., Hay, N.

Exhaust Gas Ignition (EGI). A new concept for Rapid Light Off of Automotive Catalysts

T. Ma, N.Collings, T. Hands

An improved Technique for Measuring Cyclic Variations in the Hydrocarbon Concentration in an Engine Exhaust

Collings, N. with Ford Motor Co.

A Comparison of Two Alternative Models for a Burning Fuel Spray and an Assessment of the Effect of Interphase Slip

Ward, P.W.,Collings, N., Hay, N.

Catalyst Temperature Sensing for Exhaust Gas Ignition (EGI)

N.Collings, T. Ma, D. Ball

Engine Modelling for Diesel Smoke Feedback Control System Design

Hong, G. - Energy Res.Group,Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and Collings, N.

Spatially Resolved Turbulence Measurements in a Motored I.C. Engine

Collings, N., Roughton, A.W.,Dinsdale, S.

A New Technique to Study the Response of Catalysts to Transient Conditions

Collings, N., Hands, T

Modelling the Transit Time of a Fast Response Flame Ionisation Detector During In-Cylinder Sampling

Dr N Collings, Mr T Summers

Unburnt Hydrocarbon Measurement by Means of a Surface Ionization Detector.

W. Cai, N. Collings

Real Time Smoke Sensor for Diesel Engines

Collings, N., Baker, N., Wolber,W.G.

A Multi Purpose Ignition System for Production, Development and Research

Collings, N.

The Cylinder Head Temperature Measurement by a Thermal Imaging Technique

H.Zhao, N.Collings T. Ma

Diesel Smoke Transient Control Using a Real Time Smoke Sensor

Hong, G., Collings, N., Baker, N.

Vapour Condensation and Corrosive Attack in Exhaust Systems

Shayler, P.J., Collings, N.

Characteristic of Knock and its Effect on Surface Temperatures

H. Zhao, N.Collings, T. Ma.

Length Scale and TurbulenceIntensity Measurements in a Motored Internal Combustion Engine

Dinsdale, S., Roughton, A.W.,Collings, N.

Flame Speed Standardisation Between Cylinders by Feedback Control of Individual Fuel Injector Pulse Width

Hands, T., Collings, N., Ma, T.

Improving the Performance of a Rapid Catalyst Light-Off System Using Hydrocarbon Trapping Catalyst Formulations

Ford Motor Company, Cambustion Limited, Johnson Matthey

Investigation into Crevice Out-Gassing of an Operating SI Engine with a FastFID

Dr M Peckham, Dr N Collings

On the Time Delay in Continuous In-Cylinder Sampling from IC Engines

M.I.T. and Collings, N.

Chemi Ionization Produced by the Catalytic Combustion of a Hydrocarbon

S.D.T. Axford, W. Cai, A.N.Hayhurst, N. Collings

Exhaust Gas Ignition

G D Inman with Ford Motor Co. and Tickford Ltd

Plug Fouling Investigations on a Running Engine An Application of a Novel MultiPurpose Diagnostic System Based on the Spark Plug

N.Collings, S. Dinsdale and T.Hands.

Low Speed Dynamic Similarity Modelling in Internal Combustion Engines

Ma, T., Davies, M., Collings, N.

The Trajectory of Particles Rebounding off Plane Targets

Armstrong, D.J., Collings, N.,Shayler, P.J.

Measurement of the Spatial Structure of BDC Turbulence in a Model I.C. Engine Using Flying Hot Wires.

M.Y.E. Selim, N. Collings

Cyclically Resolved HC Emissions from a Spark Ignition Engine

Collings, N., Willey, J.

Accelerated Corrosion Testing of Vehicle Exhausts

Shayler, P.J., Collings, N.

Study of Engine Wall Layer Hydrocarbons with a Fast Response FID

Dr M Peckham, Dr N Collings

A New Technique for Measuring HC Concentration in Real Time in a Running Engine

Collings, N.

Transient SI Engine Emissions Measurements on the FTP75 Drive Cycle With a Fast Response CO Instrument

Cambustion Ltd

Ionization Sensors for Feedback Control of Gasoline Engines

Collings, N., Eade, D.

Flame Development in an S.I.Engine Measured by an Infra Red Camera

Zhao, H., Collings, N., Ma. T.

In-Cylinder HC Measurements with a Piston- Mounted FID

Dr M Peckham, Dr N Collings

In-Cylinder Measurements of Residual Gas Concentration in a Spark Ignition Engine

M.I.T. and Collings, N.

Warm up Characteristics of a Catalyst Heated by Exhaust Gas Ignition

N. Collings, T. Ma, T. Hands.

An Experimental Investigation of Fuel Transport in a Port Injected Engine

Dr N Collings, Mr S Schurov

Flametube Studies of Wall Quench

Dr M Peckham, Dr N Collings

Knock Detection by Means of the Spark Plug

Collings, N.,Dinsdale, S., Eade,D.

Velocity Profiles of Arcs in Longitudinal Flow

Collings, N.

Warm up Characteristics of Surface Temperatures in an I.C. Engine Measured by a Thermal Imaging Technique

H. Zhao, N. Collings, T. Ma.

Turbulence Length Scale Measurements in a Motored Internal Combustion Engine

Collings, N., Roughton, A.W., Ma,T.

Knock Detection Alternatives for Production Vehicles

Collings, N, Ma, T.

A Catalytic Oxygen Sensor for On Board Detection of Misfire and Catalyst Efficiency.

W. Cai, N. Collings

Design of Diesel Smoke Feedback Control Using a Combination of PI Control Algorithm and Performance Optimization

Hong, G. - Energy Res.Group,Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and Collings, N.

Charged Species in the Exhaust of a Spark Ignition Engine as Studied with Langmuir Probes and a Mass Spectrometer

Collings, N., Doyle III, F.J.,Hayhurst, A.N., Kittelson, D.B., Williams, D.

Experimental Studies of Preignition in a Four Valve Engine

N.Collings, G.D. Goold, G.D.Morris

A Numerical Simulation of Intake Port Phenomena in a Spark Ignition Engine under Cold Starting Conditions

Schurov, S.M, Collings, N.

Application of Self Tuning Control into the Diesel Engine

Hong, G. - Energy Res.Group,Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and Collings, N.

Use of In cylinder Ionisation for the Investigation and Control of SparkIgnition Engines

Hands, T., Collings, N

Turbulence Structure and Decay in a Model I.C. Engine: Effects of Inlet Conditions.

M.Y.E. Selim, N. Collings