Product Sales & Rental

Cambustion gas and particulate analyzersCambustion's product range includes ultrafast response gas and particulate analyzers, DPF Testing Systems and Aerosol Science instrumentation. Our products are used globally for applications from scientific research to engine and after-treatment development and calibration.

The Cambustion ultrafast gas analyzers measure total HC, NOx, and CO/CO2 on millisecond timescales. They are used in engine and exhaust emissions R&D and other applications e.g. wind tunnel research.

The DMS500 offers the fastest available measurement of the particle size spectrum, for applications such as diesel particulate emissions, gasoline direct injection engine development, tobacco smoke, pyrotechnics, environmental research and on board vehicle measurements. The Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer represents a unique tool for directly measuring the mass of ultrafine aerosols, while the Unipolar Diffusion Aerosol Charger uses corona discharge to place a high level of electrical charge on aerosols.

The DPG provides a complete Diesel fuelled solution to DPF development and quality control testing.


Engineering Services

Vehicle on chassis dynamometer for emissions testingCambustion's Engineering Services Group provides powertrain testing and development services to the automotive industry, focusing on the testing and development of vehicle emissions systems.

High specification engine and vehicle test facilities with comprehensive instrumentation provide an excellent platform for rapid development.

Cambustion's highly qualified engineers have extensive experience in a wide range of emissions related projects.




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