Friday, May 22, 2020 - 08:00 to 08:45 BST, Europe/London
Pinpoint exactly where in the cycle where your solid particle emission problems are... The new Catalytic Stripper Accessory for the DMS500 Fast Particle Sizer provides a simple means to convert new and existing DMS systems to measure only the solid particles from engines legislated for in Euro 6 and beyond. The CSA removes volatile and semi-volatile particles, using a minimal total dilution factor of just 5, giving vital sensitivity for post DPF and GFP measurements. Crucially, the entire system of 7 m sample line, CSA & DMS (with dilution) has a time response (T90-10%) of just 300 ms (with 10 Hz data), making the system the ideal tool for research and calibration optimisation. Losses of the solid particles are kept to a minimum, and can be automatically corrected for in real-time. As the system returns the whole particle size spectrum from 5 nm to 1 micron, it can be used to study the sub-23 nm particles, which are proposed to be legislated for in the forthcoming Euro 7 (or possibly 6E) legislation. In this webinar, Dr Jon Symonds gives a detailed introduction to the whole system, and presents validation and engine data.