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Cambustion DMS500 sampling in vehicle engine bay with laptop for instrument control and data collection

DMS500 Mk2 | Particulate Analyzer

The DMS500 has established itself since 2002 as the particle measurement instrument of choice for engine research, development and calibration, with hundreds of customers worldwide including OEMs, Tier 1s and Universities. Successive generations of the DMS500 have offered improved capabilities and made the DMS500 the most dependable instrument in its class.

Flexible measurements – fit for future development

The DMS500 represents a "turn-key" system. The fully integrated dilution and sample conditioning system allows measurment from from the exhaust port, pre- or post- after-treatment, in the CVS tunnel and even from ambient.

10Hz data and a T10-90% response time of just 300ms even with a 7 metre sample line allow the DMS500 to offers valuable insights into engine operation, even during highly transient cycles such as RDE, NRTC and FTP75.

Particle Mass (PM) for gravimetric regulations and for engine out model development (e.g. DPF/GPF load models).

Particle Number (PN) with a fully characterised thermodilution system including a Catalytic Stripper to remove volatile particles when required. Flexible software allows measurements with a 23nm roll off (Euro 6) or the possible future 10nm roll off (possible Euro 7).

Particle Size distributions (5nm -2500nm) for maximum understanding of combustion behaviour, particle formation and evolution, and the effects of engine controls on PN and PM.

Sub-zero testing capabilities for current and future cycles. The DMS500 can easily make measurements while sampling from ambient temperatures below 0°C.

Heavy Duty Diesel spectrum on FTP Transient Cycle

Developed for daily use – reliable results

Backed by over 15 years of continuous development, the DMS500 is straightforward to operate even for inexperienced users.

Dependable error detection and optional test cell integration allow the DMS500 to be seamlessly added as part of general test cell equipment.

Traceable calibration certificates and automated checks guarantee accurate and repeatable results.

Cambustion engineer working on DMS500

DMS500 Brochure

To learn more, download a brochure or contact Cambustion to discuss your application.

DMS500 brochureFast engine particulate analyzerDMS500Fast engine particulate analyzerView more at

Key Application Notes

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TitleNumber : Size Spectrum Correlation with Particulate Mass MeasurementsData TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms01.pdfSize912.10 KBLast Updated
TitleWater pipe smokingData TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms22-water-pipe-smoking.pdfSize954.24 KBLast Updated
TitleNanoparticle emissions from cookingData TypeApplication noteDownload Filedms19v01-nanoparticle-emissions-from-cooking.pdfSize2.04 MBLast Updated

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Support & downloads

  • Video

    The Cambustion DMS500 with CSA — the fastest way to measure engine particulate size & number

    This video demontrates the ease of use of the DMS500 with CSA for making engine solid particle measurements for Euro 6 (>23 nm, PMP) or Euro 7 (sub 23 nm, down to 10) — with the fastest time response available.

  • knowledgebase

    DMS Animation

    The DMS500 uses electrical mobility measurements to produce particle size / number spectra between 5 nanometres and 2.5 micrometres.

    Side view of DMS500 case
  • knowledgebase

    The DMS500 with CSA

    A webinar given by Dr Jon Symonds on how the combination of the DMS500 with the Catalytic Stripper Accessory (CSA) gives the market leading fastest possible measurements of solid particle size, number and mass, above or sub-23 nm.

    Cambustion CSA connected to DMS500, sampling from vehicle engine bay
  • Download

    DMS500 Advantages

    Advantages of the Cambustion DMS500 MkII Fast Particulate Analyzer for Engine Emissions Measurements.

    Download brochureAdvantages of the DMS500DownloadAdvantages of the DMS500View more at

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