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Title Author Link Date
Catalyst Performance of Monolith-Type Diesel Particulate Filter having Microgear-Design based on Asymmetric Hexagonal Channel Geometry
Kentaro Iwasaki
Sumika Ceramics Poland Sp. z o.o
Experimental testing and mathematical modelling of diesel particle collection in flow-through monoliths
O Haralampous
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly
S Payne
Cambustion Ltd
Is Carbon Black a Suitable Model Colloidal Substrate for Diesel Soot?
David J. Growney
University of Sheffield
Oleksandr O. Mykhaylyk
University of Sheffield
Laurence Middlemiss
University of Sheffield
Lee A. Fielding
University of Sheffield
Matthew J. Derry
University of Sheffield
Najib Aragrag
BP Formulated Products Technology
Gordon D. Lamb
BP Formulated Products Technology
Steven P. Armes
University of Sheffield
New Techniques for Damage Assessment of Diesel Particulate Filters

Tim Hands, Qiang Li

Study of Diesel Particulate Bridging Behaviour with SEM
Simon Payne
Cambustion Ltd.
Nick Collings
University of Cambridge
DPF Regeneration Testing Using a Diesel Particulate Generator

K. Reavell, Dr. T. Hands, M. Rushton, H. Bown

Visualisation and Monitoring of Diesel Particle Filtration
Simon Payne
University of Cambridge
Nick Collings
University of Cambridge
Backpressure Characteristics of a DPF loaded with a Soot Generator and a Diesel Engine under Different Operating Cycles (Poster)

K Reavell, G Inman

Pressure drop characteristics of soot generated by a DPG and a Euro IV, 2 litre diesel engine

Greg Inman, Andrew Todd, Kingsley Reavell, Tim Hands

A New Instrument for Diesel Particulate Filter Functional Tests in Development and Quality Control Applications

Tim Hands, Martyn Twigg, Martin Gallinger

Performance evaluation of Diesel particulate filters during loading from clean

Reavell, K

Automated Repeatable DPF Testing with the Cambustion DPG