Title Data type Download File Size Last updated
Use of the HFR500 fast FID for cold start gasoline calibration Application note PDF icon Application of HFR500 to cold start gasoline calibration.pdf 4.5 MB 14-Jun-2011
Cold start PFI gasoline (animation) Sample data File Cold start FID animation.exe 986.59 KB 15-Apr-2010
Cold start gasoline HC, CO and CO2 Sample data PDF icon coldstartcoco2andhc.pdf 166.03 KB 18-Aug-2009
Gasoline Direct Injection Particulate Measurement with the DMS Series Application note PDF icon dms08v01.pdf 919.53 KB 24-Feb-2015
Particle number measurement with the DMS Series Application note PDF icon dms09v01.pdf 351.19 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle start-105s - catalyst NO lightoff Sample data PDF icon ftp-0-105s(cld).pdf 128.62 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle start - 105s - HC emissions Sample data PDF icon ftp-0-105s(fid).pdf 118.82 KB 19-Aug-2009
Cold start PFI gasoline HC emissions Application note PDF icon hfr01v02 si cold start.pdf 77.14 KB 18-Aug-2009
Suitability of HFR500 for ethanol measurements Application note PDF icon hfr06v01 ethanol.pdf 13.2 KB 19-Aug-2009
Intake manifold measurement of “found fuel” PDF icon HFR08v01 intake sampling.pdf 547.89 KB 02-Feb-2015
Measurement of burned gas back-flow in the intake port Application note PDF icon NDIR01v02 Spit-back.pdf 370.83 KB 24-Feb-2015
Cycle-by-cycle AFR measurement of a cold start using an NDIR500 and HFR500 Application note PDF icon NDIR03v02 AFR measurement.pdf 442.5 KB 24-Feb-2015
Mobile CO&CO2 measurement on-board a gasoline vehicle PDF icon NDIR10v01 Mobile CO&CO2 gasoline.pdf 275.97 KB 14-May-2015